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The Park Reception is found ahead of you 100 yards from the entrance, with parking in front of the building. Entrance is gained by either tarmac ramp with a gentle incline to the left or stone steps to the right.

Outdoor swimming pool

Access to the outdoor pool area is gained from one of two routes :-

To the right of the Reception building is a fairly steep tarmac roadway which leads up to a combination locked spring closing gate to the left. The gateway takes you on to a slab pathway approaching the patio stone surface surrounding the Pool. To the left of the path are grassy slopes and wooden decked seating areas.

Alternatively, a dedicated hand railed staircase of approximately 30 shallow wooden steps climbs up a bank from the left of Reception. Access to the outdoor Pool by this route is also controlled by a combination gate at the upper end of the steps, which spring closes automatically.

Overall, the Outdoor Pool area consists of a combination of slabbed patio and pool surround, areas laid to turf and south facing raised decking. There are also a number of children’s play area structures and a secure pen. Changing and Toilet facilities are also located on the outdoor pool grounds with a 4” step up into the unit

There are two outdoor pools, both heated. One is a toddlers pool with a shallow step into it of 0.4m (depth), the other is the main pool which is 0.8m at the shallow end, and 1.3m at the deep end. The main pool is accessed via vertical pool ladders.

Indoor swimming pool building

Off to the right of the carpark steps with a wooden handrail lead up to the Café/Pool building, level access is gained to the indoor Pool by a ramp and through automatic, or push button, doors allowing access into the Cafe Restaurant area. The indoor pool also has wheelchair access, but needs to be entered via vertical pool ladders, pool access hoists can be hired upon request.

There is a second toddlers pool, heated 1-2 degrees higher than the main pool. Depth is 0.45m, access by shallow step into the pool.

Accessible Properties


Nos. 1 – 3

  • These cottages, with level access, are situated just past the indoor pool building main entrance and approached by a one way single width tarmac roadway. There are paved patio areas to the front of each property and a grassed picnic area. There is one car parking space per cottage, situated across the tarmac track. The entrance is at the front of each cottage with the doors opening outwards.
  • Hard level flooring throughout, with rugs in lounge and bedrooms.

Nos. 4 – 6

  • Approached via a vehicle drop off point beyond the indoor pool, from which a sloping narrow tarmac pathway leads up to the properties. Level stone patio areas span the front of these cottages with steep grassy bank sloping down to the roadway. The entrance is at front of each cottage with the doors opening outwards, with hold backs provided.
  • Inside, hard smooth flooring is throughout, with rugs in lounge and bedrooms.
  • Parking options via the main lower car park or, adjacent to cottage 17 turning area or, to the side of cottage No 6.

Nos. 17 – 20

  • Access is gained via the bridleway passed the terraced houses and then along a dedicated climbing single width tarmac track which passes along the rear of these cottages. This track has turning points at the far end adjacent to Cottage No 17, and in addition in between Cottages 18 & 19.
  • Looking down to the bridleway and beyond, a railed patio area covers across the front of these cottages.
  • The single entrance to each cottage is located at the front via sliding patio door.
  • These cottages have hard smooth flooring throughout with rugs in lounge and bedroom areas.

Nos. 28 – 30

  • These three cottages are immediately to the right on entering the Park, behind a low walled planted garden area.
  • Dedicated parking for No 28 is at the left hand end, parking for Nos. 29 and 30 is approx. 20 yards along the bridleway at the right hand end of the building.
  • Access is gained via a patio area with privacy gates at either end and in the middle for direct access to No 29.
  • A single entrance to each cottage is from the front patio area with a sliding patio door.
  • There is hard smooth flooring through out, with rugs in lounge and bedroom areas.
  • 30 has been further modified inside, being accessibility compliant. These modifications include easier ‘through’ access and wider internal doorways, lower light switches, curtain opening rods and additional support rails in the main bathroom.


Nos 7/9, 10/12 & 14/16

  • These semi detached lodges are in three blocks with access gained via a central pebbled parking area, 100 yards along the bridle pathway. Each block has a patio area to the front with surrounding grassed areas to the side and back.
  • To the left of the middle block, a winding wooden sleeper pathway with 22 well spaced steps leads to the upper roadway level where the indoor swimming pool and laundry buildings are situated.
  • Access is gained into each of the Luxury Cottages via sliding patio doors to the front. These cottages also have either a rear or side door.
  • Hard smooth flooring is throughout. In addition, 14/16 have anti-slip textured floor finish in wet rooms only. These also have hard parking by their respective units with a ramp for wheelchair access into the property. These properties are designed for wheelchair access and have wetrooms designed for the disabled.

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