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When and How to Organise Your Office Party: Tips from the Experts

If you’re asking yourself when might be the best time to organise your Christmas office party, then know that there’s no better time than now, especially if you have a popular venue in mind.

Office parties can be the butt of jokes and, if we’re frank, the opportunity for a good cringe. But if they’re well organised, they can be a great opportunity for colleagues to get to know one another a bit better and to bond over Christmas jumpers in a relaxed atmosphere.

As experts in hosting Christmas parties, we’ve pooled our collective wisdom to offer you our tips on making your Christmas party memorable for all the right reasons.

• Fix the date

It’s imperative you do this as early as you can, or at least send out a ‘save the date’ notification while you get organised. Not only do the best venues book up way ahead – December is a very busy month for everybody, and unless you set the date long in advance, you risk many of your colleagues being booked up with school plays, other parties and festive commitments of all kinds. A shared calendar or online poll such as Doodle can help you fix on a date that suits the majority of people.

• Set your budget

It’s only when you’ve finalised how much you have to spend that you can make the decisions that follow.

• Choose a venue

While your office or workplace may seem like the path of least resistance, in reality it’s easier and far more pleasant to organise an event and socialise together outside of your work environment. Your colleagues are also far more likely to be themselves outside of the office, where they tend to remain ‘in role’.

As to the style of venue, avoid very unusual spaces in favour of classic environments such as restaurants and bars that make everyone feel comfortable and relaxed.

• Decide on food

Whether you hire a caterer or go to a restaurant offering a special Christmas menu, outsourcing food and drink takes a lot of the pressure off party organisers, not least when it comes to how much of each is required and the stress of potentially running out of either on the night.

Remember also that many people will face the prospect of eating several traditional Christmas roasts with all the trimmings several times over the festive season and will probably appreciate a more innovative approach. Check out The Kitchen’s 2018 Christmas menu.

Let the experts do it for you. Christmas party nights at The Kitchen by The Beach are a time to don the party frocks and/or the Christmas jumpers and sample delicious food in a festive atmosphere. Our festive parties include a two- or three-course meal (£22/£27pp), crackers, streamers, party hats and maybe even an appearance from our family of goats dressed up as reindeer…

For more information or to book your office party at one of the best restaurants in Cornwall, call 01637 860594.

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