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Yoga with Billy from Mawgan Pause

"Hi.. I'm Billy..

My yoga journey began in the early 90s in Australia...

I found a book that my mum had about stretching.

I think I thought that it might make my body stronger (I was a pretty skinny young chap) and didn't fancy the competitive vibes of the gym.

It was a book of yoga Asana with all the yoga removed basically.

But, I quickly began having all these changes occurring and pretty serious 'aha' moments. I will say that this was at least in part to getting out of my head and into my body.

Around the same time another friend took me to a meditation session at the local uni campus.

It was Trataka , which is candle gaze and it totally blew my mind.

For days afterwards, I felt like I was in cloud 9. I guess I really needed it

I began attending Iyengar style classes and the crumbs of yoga philosophy just kept on opening my eyes.

I would sometimes leave my practice alone but I would always come back to it.

Finally did a teacher training in 2018 with no real intention to teach but I really got along with it and have been teaching ever since...

In my poolside sessions, I hope to share some of the magic of a yoga practice.

Breath, movement and awareness to start the week and walk in the world as our best selves...

Join me Mondays at 8:45 - 9:45 by the lovely outdoor pool at the Park

All welcome, £10 drop in, I have plenty of spare mats.

Oh, and I might sing to you as well... "

BILLY 07974250087

[email protected]

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