Seafood and Live Music

Feast Night at The Kitchen

In the early hours the oysters were gathered, the clay oven lit, the yeast proofed and the bread baked. Preparations for this month’s Feast Night at The Kitchen had to start early, for the oven, by evening, would burn down to a low flame and steady embers – only then would it be the perfect temperature to cook.

On Wednesday the 17th of August guests entered to be seated for a wood-fired extravaganza of sea food dishes and an acoustic accompaniment – courtesy of the Scottish folk, blues country and rock singing legend Aaron Fyfe. This month’s theme; sea food, a personal favourite of head chef James Wood, and being so close to the sea and with such privileged access to a huge range of fresh, local, seafaring deliciousness just begging to be salted and covered in melted garlic butter and roasted…

Why not?

Granted, sea food is not for everyone – with this in mind however, in addition to the specials of the night, the range of regular menu options were made available – all items sourced locally, anywhere from Cornish vegetables to meat from the local butcher.

Indeed, James, and his trusty summer sous chef Chris Luscombe make it their business to buy Cornish, and they made it their business to give each seafaring crustacean, mollusc and fish the best-est, juiciest, and buttery-est end that great Neptune himself would surely approve.

Chris took me through their process.

The shellfish were cooked in a tray lined with oil and garlic butter before being placed into the mouth of the great clay oven, now readied at the ideal temperature, where they roasted and hissed and opened. Only then were they tossed so the butter could penetrate the shellfish and properly infuse their flavour. Afterwards, the audibly bubbling delicacies, were taken and placed briefly in an oven to finish.

The Oysters, readily shucked, were served with balsamic vinegar, salt and lemon on the side whilst the squid was placed in a flour batter and delicately fried before being served with a sprinkle of salt and pepper and some parsley to top it off.

Alongside the salad, a bulgur wheat blend was lovingly prepared and seasoned with Cajun spice and mixed with diced tomatoes, cucumbers and olives. Meanwhile the bread, fresh from the morning and now infused by a subtle garlic filling, was chopped, drizzled with olive oil and served.

Beyond this wonderful arrangement of dishes the pair, and a number of dutiful assistants, created and distributed delicacies ranging from deluxe burgers with toasted buns to hake bites, pan fried with roasted garlic and mayonnaise.

From the corner, Aaron, the bearded bard, rootsy, engaging and extremely talented, gave a memorable and ripping performance of songs from his album (aptly named 10 songs) as well as some renditions of a number of classics, much to everyone’s enjoyment. For those interested in hearing more of his work, check out his album.

A big thank you to everyone that attended!

If you’re interested in our next feast night taking place on Thursday the 22nd of September, be sure to book a table! Call 01637 860594 or email [email protected] or simply pop in.

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