Superfast Broadband has Arrived at The Park

Superfast Broadband has Arrived at The Park

We have recently invested a six figure sum into revolutionising our broadband capability for guests!

Visitors to The Park in Mawgan Porth will now benefit from a dedicated fibre broadband service enabling live streaming, downloads, uploads, browsing and more.

The town, along with many others in Cornwall, has virtually no 3G and little mobile phone reception, so the decision to spend more than £100,000 installing the technology was an easy one to make.

Our operations director, David Reynolds, said:

“When guests come and stay with us they expect to be able to communicate with friends, loved ones and in some instances their businesses. We recognised how important it is now that they don’t want to feel cut off from the outside world whilst on holiday, which is why we started work on this project 14 months ago.”

The service finally went live a few days ago and feedback forms are already being handed in to our staff saying visitors ‘strongly agree’ that the broadband exceeds expectations.

Having a dedicated fibre connection between the site and the local exchange means the bandwidth available is not shared with other businesses or homes in the area. As a result service levels and speeds aren’t affected by any users outside of The Park, even at peak times.

The park is a distinctive collection of self-catering properties tucked away in a valley garden, just a short stroll from Mawgan Porth beach.

After a busy day enjoying the local walks, great restaurants and nearby outdoor activities, guests can now return to their accommodation to make phone calls via wifi, Facetime family on their tablet, stream their favourite films or TV programmes on their laptops or send messages to friends safe in the knowledge the service won’t drop out at busy times.

David said:

“We had the potential for lots of guests to be online at the same time in the evening and we didn’t want to leave them with a sense of frustration at the service buffering whilst they were trying to talk to someone or stream, which is why we opted to install the dedicated line.”


David Reynolds – Operations Director at The Park

The Park is significantly ahead of the current curve for the installation of fibre broadband in Cornwall. It is likely to be years before the majority of homes and businesses across the county have this level of connectivity – and even then it won’t be available via a dedicated line.

“High speed broadband is important to our customers now, so waiting years for the service as a part of a larger scheme was not an option for us. We can now offer 200Mb across The Park, which is truly business class service for our visitors and guests,” said David.

The dedicated broadband service isn’t only provided free for guests staying on site; customers in The Kitchen restaurant are also welcome to access the service whilst enjoying some great locally sourced food and drink.

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