A slice of what you fancy does you good


Gusto at The Park has recently started selling a range of delicious cakes and bakes by Tam’s Pantry. These aren’t just any ordinary cookies and pastries – all of Tam’s recipes are gluten free, but she thinks the real secret ingredient is that they taste so good you’d never know they difference.

We spoke to Tam about her passion for baking…


Tell us why you bake gluten free goodies?

I’m a coeliac, which means I’m gluten intolerant, and I was tired of not being able to enjoy a decent slice of cake or cookie as a treat. There are so many pre-produced foods out there I felt we could offer something that wasn’t readily available.

Would I be able to tell your cakes are gluten free if I wasn’t told?

Absolutely not. My husband David spent six months perfecting the pastry so you wouldn’t know the difference. The fact that they’re gluten free is just an added bonus, we’ve spent ages honing the flavours and textures in all of our recipes.

What’s your best seller?

The Rocky Road is always a favourite. It’s always been so hard to get a gluten free version, so it’s great to be able to offer it.


Tell us why you started Tam’s Pantry 

I’m a trained chef and baker by trade. I spent many years working as an area manager for a catering company and working in school meals. I took early retirement and decided to set up Tam’s Pantry. I became so busy that my husband, David, who is also a trained baker, gave up his job to work with me full time.

We started by selling at festivals and farmer’s market and now we also directly supply a range of Cornish businesses.

How did the partnership with Gusto at The Park begin?

I knew Simon as we’d previously worked together, so I know how passionate he is about fresh ingredients and great flavours; it was a partnership we knew would work well. It’s great to be supplying Gusto at The Park as we have a customer who often stays in Mawgan Porth and she was over the moon she could pop into her local restaurant and have a great cake and coffee.

What’s next for Tam’s Pantry?

I would like to start selling gluten free bread, but David wants to make sure the recipe is absolutely perfect before we do. We’ll soon be selling our products in shops, which is another big step for us.


Tam’s Pantry cakes are on sale at Gusto at The Park daily.