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Terms & Conditions


1.1  Bookings may be made by telephone on 01637 860322 or via the Park’s website

1.2  The Park, Mawgan Porth will request details of all persons in your party including names and ages at the time of booking.  This information may be required by us for insurance purposes.

1.3  A booking is complete once you have received confirmation from The Park, Mawgan Porth in writing (“Booking Confirmation”).


2.1 A booking, whether by telephone, post or via our website, must be accompanied by a deposit.

2.2 If a booking is made ten weeks or more before the letting is due to start you must pay a deposit equal to the sum of one-third of the letting fee.

2.3 If a booking is made less than ten weeks before the letting is due to start, the full letting fee plus a cautionary deposit, if required plus any additional charges, must be paid by you at the time of booking.

2.4 All payments by credit card will attract a surcharge of 2% of the transaction value.


3.1 Payment of the balance of the letting fee plus any Cautionary Deposit plus any additional charges due to The Park, Mawgan Porth must be paid to The Park, Mawgan Porth ten weeks before the letting is due to start (“the Due Date”).

3.2 Non-payment by the Due Date may be treated as a cancellation.

3.3 The Park, Mawgan Porth is not and shall not be responsible for sending any reminders of the Due Date.


4.1 Once a booking has been accepted and confirmed by The Park, Mawgan Porth the booking can only be changed with the written agreement of The Park, Mawgan Porth.

4.2 Where The Park, Mawgan Porth agrees to the changes to the booking, an administration fee of £20.00 must be paid by you.


5.1 If you wish to cancel the letting you must notify The Park, Mawgan Porth in writing (“Cancellation notice”).

5.2 The deposit is non-refundable from the time of payment,

5.3 A booking can only be cancelled prior to the start of the letting.

5.4 In the event that a cancellation is made then a cancellation charge is payable depending on the number of days before the letting start date the Cancellation Notice is received by The Park, Mawgan Porth.

The amount payable is set out in the table below:

5.4We strongly recommend that you take out Holiday Cancellation Insurance to cover you for these charges.


6.1 Where a cautionary deposit is required, this will be stated in the property description on the website and in the brochure and confirmed in the Booking Confirmation.

6.2 The Park, Mawgan Porth will be entitled to deduct from the Cautionary Deposit the cost of remedying any breach of the obligations set out in clause 8 and shall be entitled to change any additional amount where the Cautionary Deposit does not fully cover the cost of remedy.

6.3 Where no breach of obligations set out in clause 7 has occurred, you will be refunded the whole amount of the Cautionary Deposit.


7.1 Lettings are for a maximum of four weeks and commence at 4pm on the first day of the letting and end at 10am on the day of departure unless otherwise notified.

7.2 The period booked cannot be exceeded unless The Park, Mawgan Porth gives written approval.  You will be liable for any cost of whatever nature incurred because of an unauthorised extension.


You agree:

(a)  Where a telephone is available for use at the property, to pay for all telephone charges incurred during a letting unless included in the letting fee:

(b)  To vacate the property by 10am on the day of departure.

(c)  To pay for any losses or damages to the property, caused by you or a member of your party (reasonable wear and tear excluded, which is for the avoidance of doubt means repairs that are decorative and wear out or come adrift in the course of reasonable use) which will be determined at The Park, Mawgan Porth’s discretion.

(d)  To inspect the inventory left at the property and report any discrepancies to The Park, Mawgan Porth within 24 hours of arrival. If no discrepancies are reported the inventory will be deemed to be correct.

(e)  Take good care of the property and leave it in a clean and tidy condition at the end of the letting. A cleaning service is not provided during the letting unless otherwise specified or agreed. Should The Park, Mawgan Porth be dissatisfied with the condition of the property upon your departure, they may refuse to take a booking from you again. If you are excluded from a property then The Park, Mawgan Porth has the right to refuse any more bookings from you at any property.

(f)  To permit The Park, Mawgan Porth reasonable access to the property.

(g)  Not to part with possession of the property, or share it, except with members of the party confirmed at the time of booking.

(h)  Not to sell or transfer the booking to another party without written agreement of The Park, Mawgan Porth.

(i)  Not to exceed either the total number of people stipulated in the property description or the total number of people stated in the Booking Confirmation.

(j)  Not to have anyone other than those detailed at the time of booking and listed in the Booking Confirmation staying at the property.

(k)  Not to use a cot for a child over 24 months.

(l)  To respect the privacy and well-being of those occupants of adjoining or nearby properties and not to cause an annoyance or become a nuisance. Complaints from adjoining or nearby occupants about your behaviour may result in The Park, Mawgan Porth requiring you to leave the property immediately without a refund of any monies paid by you.

(m)  To take care when using sun cream, fake tan, hair dye, waterproof make up and henna tattoos and other such items which may cause damage to linen, bedding and towels. A charge may be levied to replace any items damaged by such.


9.1 If for any reason beyond The Park, Mawgan Porth’s control the property is not available on the date booked, or the property becomes unsuitable for holiday letting, all rent and charges paid in advance by you will be refunded in full and The Park, Mawgan Porth may cancel the booking.

9.2 Where possible The Park, Mawgan Porth will provide you with four weeks’ notice except in exceptional circumstances.

9.3 If the notice period is less than four weeks The Park, Mawgan Porth will endeavour to find you alternative accommodation, or at your request, refund to you any sums you have paid.  You will have no further claim against The Park, Mawgan Porth.


10.1 The Park, Mawgan Porth has made all reasonable efforts to accurately describe the property in the information that we publish.

10.2 The Park, Mawgan Porth cannot accept responsibility for errors contained in the information or any other mis-description as a result of inaccurate information given by us.

10.3 You acknowledge that minor differences may arise between the information given and the actual property itself.

10.4 The Park, Mawgan Porth reserves the right to amend prices quoted in published information due to errors or omissions or changes in the VAT rate but such changes will be notified to you as soon as possible.

10.5 You shall be at liberty to cancel the booking if the amended price is significantly higher than the original price quoted.


11.1 The Park, Mawgan Porth accepts no liability for loss of or damage to your possessions on The Park’s property or land.


12.1 Pets are only permitted with the prior consent of The Park, Mawgan Porth and where permitted. They must be kept under control.

12.2 Pets are not permitted in the bedrooms or on the furniture.

12.3 Pets must not be left unattended in the property as this can result in considerable damage to the property, noise disturbance to nearby occupants and distress to the pet.

12.4 Pets are not permitted in the children’s play areas*

12.5 Pets are not permitted in the indoor or outdoor pool areas*

12.6 A weekly charge will be made for pets in the sum of £40 per dog per stay, which is payable at the time of booking.

12.7 It is your responsibility to clean up after your pet and that there is no trace of your pets having been at the property.

12.8 Pets must be kept under control and on a lead throughout the site.

12.9 Pets are not allowed in the Café but are permitted in the conservatory and outdoor seating area*

12.10 In properties where pets are not allowed, The Park cannot guarantee that there has been no pet previously in the property.

* These terms do not apply to assistance dogs.


13.1 Payments may be made by cheque (drawn from a UK bank only), credit or debit card.  All payments by credit card will attract a surcharge of 2% of the transaction value.

13.2 Cheques should be made payable to Mawgan Porth Holiday Park.

13.3 Post-dated cheques are not accepted.

13.4 Any charges raised against Mawgan Porth Holiday Park by their bank for handling dishonoured cheques, bank transfers or any other payments will be passed on to you and you are liable to reimburse The Park, Mawgan Porth within seven days of receipt of the notification from The Park, Mawgan Porth.


Overseas bookings may pay by Sterling cheque drawn on a UK bank or by Mastercard or Visa in Sterling.  Any charges for payments from overseas will be passed on to you.


The Park, MawganPorth reserves the right to accept or refuse bookings in their absolute discretion


16.1 All complaints must be notified to The Park, Mawgan Porth as soon as reasonably practicable as it may be necessary to carry out an on-the spot investigation followed by remedial action.

16.2 If The Park, Mawgan Porth is denied the opportunity to put matters right during the letting then this may result in a reasonable reduction of any compensation we feel appropriate and payable to you arising out of such a complaint.


17.1 Day visitors are welcome although they must park in the main car park.

17.2 Day visitors are not permitted to use the outdoor pool area.

17.3 Day visitors are permitted to use the indoor pool but must pay the relevant charges.


18.1 Linen and towels are supplied.

18.2 White towels must not be removed from the property or used in the pool areas.

18.3 Pool and beach towels are not supplied.

18.4 Linen changes only apply to bookings of fourteen days or more and will take place between 10am and 11am on the second Monday of your stay.

18.5 Cot bedding is not supplied.



19.1 The following equipment is available for hire free of charge, but must be reserved at the time of booking and will appear in your confirmation.  Please bring this to our attention if this is not the case as we cannot guarantee availability on your arrival.

(a)  Travel cot

(b)  Child’s buggy

(c)  High chair

(d)  Bed guard


20.1 Bicycles are stored at the owner’s risk. We do not accept responsibility for loss or damage.

20.2 Bicycles must not be taken indoors.


21.1 Smoking is not permitted in any of our properties or buildings.

21.2 A charge of £150.00 will be levied against any person responsible for the booking should it be found that someone has been smoking inside the property.


22.1 The Café is open to residents as well as Day Visitors.

22.2 The Park, Mawgan Porth reserves the right to close the café without notice and for any reason.


23.1 Our pools, their amenities and children’s play areas are not attended by our staff; therefore children aged 15 or under MUST be supervised by an adult at all times.

23.2 Babies and infants still being nappy trained must wear aqua nappies when using the pools.  These can be purchased from The Café.

23.3 The Park, Mawgan Porth reserves the right to close these areas without notice and for any reason.

23.4 Children under the age of 16 are not allowed to use the Sauna and Steam room without adult supervision.

23.5 Displayed safety notices must be adhered to at all times.

23.6 The Park, Mawgan Porth accepts no responsibility for injury or accidents.

24 VAT

The price quoted will be the price included of VAT where payable.


The person who completes the booking and therefore accepts the terms of these booking conditions confirms that:

(a)  He/she is responsible for agreeing to the booking conditions on behalf of all other persons included in the booking, including those substituted or added at a later date.

(b)  He/she is over eighteen years of age and a member of the party intending to occupy the property and

(c)  He/she agrees to take responsibility for the party occupying the property.


In making a booking we will ask for personal information such as your name, postal address, email address and telephone number as well as payment details.  We may use this data to inform you about news, offers and information we think may be of interest to you.  By booking with us you are deemed to have consented to use of personal information for these purposes.  If you decide that you would prefer that your information is not used in this way or that you do not wish to receive such information, please contact us in writing or by email to

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