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The Park Honey

The Park honey...

We proudly host our own beehives, with Beekeeper Luke Hambly at the helm, offering our guests the chance to purchase our 100% raw honey. Since joining The Park in 2013, Luke, a qualified horticulturalist, has honed his beekeeping skills under the mentorship of a family member with over 40 years of experience. Under Luke’s care, the 10 hives thrive, housing anywhere from 5,000 to 60,000 bees, depending on the season.

The Park, honey is meticulously harvested by hand and each jar is unfiltered and free from treatments, showcasing varying colors and flavours influenced by the seasonal flora around The Park.

The Park's commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship has not gone unnoticed, been recognised previously with a gold-level David Bellamy Conservation Award and most recently awarded Pollinator Patch and Horti-Hereos challenges, which is a prestigious environmental honor. Many of our team members including Luke, are passionate locals dedicated to preserving and enhancing The Park’s natural beauty.

Bellamy described Luke and the team as ‘true friends of the countryside,’ applauding their initiatives to safeguarding honey bees, establishing wildflower habitats and planting wildlife-friendly hedges. Today, The Park boasts thousands of nectar-rich flowers, crucial for honey bees, butterflies, and other pollinators.

Our commitment to the environment extends beyond beekeeping. Our 27-acre grounds feature bird, owl, and bat boxes, a hedgehog hotel, and insect refuges. We’ve implemented eco-friendly practices such as a restaurant ban on single-use plastics, sourcing regional ingredients to reduce carbon footprint, recycling left-behind beach equipment, and using shielded lighting to minimize light pollution. We also engage our guests in eco-conscious activities, including beach school sessions and beach clean-ups.

Explore more about The Park Cornwall’s eco-friendly initiatives and what our grounds have to offer.

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